Workplace Bullying

Topics: Employment, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: December 25, 2014
Bullying in workplace happens due to some factors such as power and organizational culture. As powerful individual, one is able to manipulate the position he/she has to perform unlawful act. Asforth’s (1994) concept of “petty tyranny” specifically focuses on the inappropriate use of positional power by managers. That is, staff members and employees are seen as vulnerable, while those in positions of power or authority, such as managers are commonly identified as the more powerful perpetrators (Keashly & Jagatic 2003). Power is also reflected based on seniority. As seniors, they tend to treat new workers to perform duties which they themselves should be doing. In the article “Workplace Bullying is Increasing Again, Says a New Study” 26 percent indicating bullying by someone higher in the company other than their bosses. In addition, organizational culture also leads to bullying. For example, in an organization that does not value respect on others may develop negative culture leading to bullying at the workplace. Besides that, a normal behavior also a reflection of organizational culture that leads to workplace bullying. Where the bullies do it like nothing happened and the others regard it as the thing that is common in the organization. And bullying will continue if no party to take action to overcome cases of bullying in the workplace and other employees consider these cases as a normal behavior. If someone is always become a victim of workplace bullying from the bullies it will make the victims feel a sense of isolation and also lead them to the negative effect. The impact of workplace bullying can we see to two part of impact, first is consequence to the employees and the second is consequence to the employers. For the consequence to the employees, the possibility of the effect of face by employees or a victim of bullying at work is the mental effect as well as physical effects. As a mental effect, workers or victims will suffer from depression, stress or...
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