Working Women – a Boon or Bane

Topics: Family, Marriage, Woman Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: August 26, 2010
In today’s society, were money plays an important role in shaping our life style and achievements’, working of both husband and wife is very essential for smooth working of a household.

If a woman is working she can contribute financially in every aspect of the household for her family’s benefit. Some things which may not be possible for them to purchase in only husband’s salary become affordable if the wife is also working. Children of the working parents can afford to go to good public schools or institutes. Since there is no discrimination between a boy or a girl’s education, girls also feel that their high education should not go waste and it should be utilized for the betterment of their family. If a girl is well educated her family can boldly refuse to give dowry in her marriage. She will be well prepared to start her new life without being dependent on others. A working woman is a boon for the society and advancement of our country. She can support her own family and her parents in time of dire need.

But there is a negative aspect of women going to work. As nowadays mostly there are nuclear families which involve parents and children only, if both the parents are working the children have to either go to creches or live with maids. Small children are adversely affected by this. Their overall personality is severely damaged or grows at a very slow rate. Sometimes such children start keeping bad society which hampers their education and future career as well. The child is deprived of the care and love which only a mother can give to her child. The parents are in constant tension, whether their children are getting proper love and attention which is essential for their overall development. The social interaction with relatives and neighbours of working parents is very limited which makes their children also social recluses. Old relatives who are dependent on them get neglected and their proper care is not possible. Maids and crèches...
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