Working Women Problems(Points)

Topics: Gender, Employment, Wage Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 30, 2011
When it comes to remuneration the law proclaims equality but it is not put into practice all sectors of the economy. The inbuilt conviction that women are capable of less work than men or less efficient than men governs this injustice of unequal salaries and wages for the same job.

The age old belief of male superiority over women creates several hurdles for women at their place of work. Women on the way up the corporate ladder discover that they must be much better than their male colleagues to reach the top. Once at the top male colleagues and subordinates often expect much greater expertise and efficiency from a woman boss than from a male boss. Conditioned by social and psychological tradition women colleagues too don’t lend support to their own sex. Working in such conditions inevitably put much greater strain on women than what men experience. Indeed many of them choose less demanding jobs for which they may even be over-qualified. |

Technological advancement results in retrenchment of women employees. Often their skills are not upgraded. Maternity leave is often denied in some places of work. It is much easier to terminate the woman’s employment and hire someone else. Companies do little to better the lot of women workers.

Women going to work are often subject to sexual harassment. Public transport system is overcrowded and men take advantage of the circumstances to physically harass women. Colleagues offer unwanted attention which can still be shaken off but a woman is placed in a difficult situation if the higher officer demands sexual favours. If refused the boss can easily take it out on the woman in other ways to make life miserable for her. There have been several cases of sexual harassment recently involving even the senior women officials. On the other hand if a woman is praised for her work or promoted on merit, her colleagues do not hesitate to attribute it to sexual favours. The psychological pressure of all this can easily lead to a...
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