Working with People or Working with Machines

Topics: Indifference curve, Preference, Motivation Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 11, 2011

Based on the matter of working partners, generally different people have different favorite kinds of occupations. Some people prefer occupations in which they work primarily with machines. Others choose professions in which they work with people. Each of the two types has its own advantages, and which one suits a person best depends on his personalities and fields of professions. Personally I would prefer working with machines, for I enjoy the feeling of being the boss whenever at work.

First of all, many people like working with machines since they are technically advanced, and are becoming a perfect substitute for human labor. Considering the amazing ability of today’s machines and computers, it is quite obvious that they are essential for every field of occupations. For industrial workers, automatic machines are indispensible; for art designers and architects, computers prove to be great tools in mass designing with perfect accuracy, while for scientists, scientific machines such as computers, telescopes are strictly required for research. As can be easily seen, machines are ideal partners for a lot of people whose limited time and capabilities do not allow them to work on their own.

On the contrary, human are still regarded as the preferred partners by a several other people. It is clear that in some jobs, discussion, teamwork and mutual assistance among workers are crucial to success. Moreover, it is widely believed that professions involving interaction between people are much more interesting, while those in which human primarily work with machines are boringly repetitive – in fact, recent researches demonstrate that more than half workers doing such jobs as electrician and mechanical engineering over a long period in the US feel they are driven stressed. Lastly, some people prefer the atmosphere of working in a competitive environment where peer pressure can motivate them to work harder and...
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