Working With And Leading People

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Working With And Leading People

Task1 胡建慧
Task2 熊可辉
Task3 杨智昀
Task4 谷晓婷

Part 1
Suppose you are HR manager of a company such as bank, restaurant, hotel, airline and so on, and you are going to recruit some employees.

Identify characteristics of the person(s)required and inform potential applicants.

1. extraversion. The degree to which someone is sociable, talkative and assertive. 2Agreeableness. The degree to which some one is good-natured , cooperative and trusting. 3consicientiousness. The degree to which someone is responsible dependable, persistent and achievement-oriented . 4emotional stability. The degree two which someone is calm, enthusiastic and secure(positive)or tense, nervous depressed and insecure(negative) 5openness to experience the degree to which someone is imaginative, artistically sensitive and Intellectual The big five model provides more than just a personality framework research has shown that important relationships exist between theses personality dimensions and job performance. For example ,one study examined five categories of occupations : professional (such as engineers, architects, lawyer),police manager, salespeople ,and semi-skilled and skilled employees. Job performance was defined in terms of employee performance rating, training competency ,and personnel date such as salary level. The results of the study showed that conscientiousness predicted job performance for all five occupational groups. Predictions for the other . personality dimensions depended on the situation and on the occupational group . for example, , extraversion predicted performance in managerial and sales position –occupation in which high social interaction is necessary .openness to experience was found to be important in predicting .training competency in managerial and sales positions-occupations in which high social performance. Although one might expect calm and secure workers to perform better than nervous ones, this was not the case . perhaps that results us a function of the likelihood that emotionally stable workers often keep their job, while emotionally unstable wokers do not. given that all the people who participated in the study were employed, the variance on that dimension was small and insignificant. Applicants should possess characteristics are the following five points. Expression. Including verbal and written expression . Recruiters need contact with a wide variety of staff , such as the talent market , talent agency , advertising media , campus and community , will face a variety of occasions , they need to talk, reports, letters and other forms to express themselves clearly , that the enterprise requirements for candidates , therefore , essential skills . Observation. Recruiters are asked in a very short period of time awareness and understanding of the candidate's personality , ability , etc., and have a strong need to develop observation skills to do this. Coordination and communication skills. Whether it is the implementation of internal and external recruitment recruitment needs with organizations external and internal organizational relationship, therefore , recruiters must also have a good ability to coordinate and communicate . Self- cognitive abilities. Psychology research suggests that people always used as a standard to evaluate self for others, but for recruiters concerned, we must go beyond normal self, self have a sound and complete understanding to the fair and equitable judge candidates . The ability to constantly improve themselves . Recruiters can adapt to the changes and development of modern enterprises , to constantly improve themselves and learn various aspects to enrich themselves . Subject matter of psychology , sociology, law, management , organizational behavior , etc., should be understood by those who recruit , with extensive knowledge and ability to constantly update their knowledge , and effective use of the recruitment practice....

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