Working Together for Success: the Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Balanced scorecard Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Working Together for Success: The Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital

Sandra Mills
Unit Four Case Analysis
August 26, 2013
Kaplan University
GB520-03N: Strategic Human Resource Management
Dr. Sue Pettine

How does Performance Management directly affect the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission? The success of a company in meeting its objectives is having the ability to assess employees’ performance and how they compare to the organizations needs and goals. In order to ensure that everyone is working in the same direction of the organizational goals and mission it is important to set goals, objectives and to monitor employee performance. Performance management is the focus of achieving results, so it is important to provide training and employee development in order for them to reach the goals and objectives that has been set for them. It is important to “redirects our efforts away from busyness toward effectiveness.” (McNamara, n.d.)

The problem with the case study is that they were experiencing a lack of direction because initiatives that they had begun were not accepted by the employees. This happened because the employees did not see their role in the goals and mission of the organization and how it related to patient care. They partnered with Xerox Quality Services because Peel felt Xerox’ experience in an integrated structure would address their issues and help the organization to move towards common objectives. They called this a “balanced scorecard” (Harber, 1998). Basically, this balanced scorecard takes a look at the current performances, specifies what type of performance is desired, and takes a look at the gaps in between the two.

The problem with Peel Memorial Hospital is that they did not communicate change to the employees. In 1994 they started quality improvement programs that lead management to look closely “at whether time, money and energy were being focused on the key clinical and...
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