Working Time

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* What is your (full) name? * Can I have your name please? * Could you tell me your full name please? * What shall I call you? * How can I address you? * Does your name have any special meaning? * Is your name important to you? * Do Korean people like changing their name? Why? * Have you ever changed your name? Why or why not? * Why do so many people change their name?Do you work or study?

Study * What are you studying? * What’s your major? * Why did you choose that subject? * What do you find most interesting about your course? * What is your favorite subject? * What do you dislike about your study? * What do you hope to do after your graduation? * What are your ambitions for the future? * Do you hope to gain any qualifications? * What are the advantages of studying instead of working? Work * Can you describe your job to me? * What do you do for a living? * How long have you been doing it? * Can you describe one of your typical working days? * What’s your daily routine on a working day? * Why did you choose to do that job? * What things do you enjoy about your work? Why? * What do you think is the attraction of your work? * What is your ideal job? * Do you want to change your current job? Why or why not? * Are you willing to keep your job permanently? * What are your plans for the future?|

Your town|
* Can you describe your town or village to me? * Tell me something about your hometown. * Where are you from? * Where is your hometown? * Where do you come from? * What is the name of the street you live on? * What kind of street do you live on? * What do you like about your town? * What is the weather like in your town? * What building is considered famous in your town? * What jobs do people in your town do? * How has your town changed over the last twenty years? * What changes have taken place in your city in recent years? * Do you think it...
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