Working in a Chinese Company in Beijing

Topics: Management, Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: January 21, 2013
With the development of China’s economy, a great deal of foreigners come to china by their own or sent by their company. A young British manager, peter Smith, who is going to work for a local organisation in Beijing, may have some difficult to adapt to local culture. In this report I intend to explore some intangible and visual culture differences between China and UK in order to help Smith adapting his management skills and practices to fit on well with the local culture. It’s necessary to make a cross-cultural comparative study between China and UK, in order to help Smith adapt to the new culture faster. Geert Hofsted culture Dimension will be used to analyses different circumstance to help Smith adapting to the local culture. I will focus on three major aspects of cross-national differences: Power Distance Index, Individualism and Long-Term Orientation.


I make a research about hofstede cultural dimensions between United Kingdom and China, according to the diagram, the differences are mainly in “Power Distance index” “Individualism” and “Long –term Orientation”. Furthermore, i will analysis the differences and give some quality advice to Smith, which can help him to overcome the cross-national differences of cultural. Power Distance Index

It is recognised that china is a authoritarian country, most people in china are accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. However, the power distance index in UK is less than in china. According to the statistic whether there is a way for Smith to overcome this and adapt to the local environment. As far as i know, most people in china they expect the power and meanwhile there will follow the leader. Smith should be authoritarian in his management style, therefore distance will be reduced between Smith and his subordinates .So for instance, Smith can use his power to allocate the works and positions as possible as he can, in return people will respect him and most important is...
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