working in partnership

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There are different philosophies and concepts of how to work in partnership in health and social care practices. Empowerment: this means to allow the patients to speak up about the care they want to receive or if they would rather some other care, if the patient can’t speak you allow them to be able to write down what they want and think about the care plan and enable them to self-medicate. Team working or division of labour: this can help make work easy if health workers work together to achieve the same goal, value each other’s opinion and share the work load so it makes it easy for everyone working. Equality: treat everyone equal, be respectful to all service users and listen to each other. Shared decision making: allowing patients to make decision about the care they want to receive. The government sets legislations that give a clear guideline to healthcare setting managers no how to develop policies for effective partnership working. Not following the acts set by the government can lead to prosecution and cost the healthcare setting a lot of money. The Anti-Discrimination Act 1999 defines how to practice care without discriminating, while protecting service users from discrimination because of their sex, age, gender and so on: for example if a gay patient walk into the hospital wanting care, they have the right to be treated fairly regardless of the health worker personal believes about gay people. Human Rights Act 1998 defines people’s human rights: for example if a female Muslim patient wants to be seen by a woman doctor rather than a male doctor, the health care settings has to respect her religious believes and get her a female doctor, in do so they are effectively following the Act. Primary care trust is made up of walk in centres, dentists, GPs and so on (funded by local council), secondary care trust is made of the A+E and hospitals and so on. Unfortunately patients have come to secondary care trusts for care, when they could have went to primary...
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