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Topics: Marriage, Automobile, Money Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Four years ago, I joined a company as a new employee right after I graduated from university. I had not needed to work for my tuition or entertainment and I told my father that if he paid for my education before I got a job, I could concentrate more on my studies. At that time, I didn’t know how hard it was to make money! However, making money by myself taught me about the value of money and the loving efforts of my parents.

Before I got a job, I thought that getting money from parents was reasonable, but I know now that this was wrong. When I got a first project in another province, I couldn’t do anything other than work because I was working about 16 hours a day without holidays for two months. I got only 2 days off for my sister’s wedding ceremony in Taiwan! At that time, I wasn’t only in charge of supervising procedures of construction but also in charge of the delivery of equipment. So I worked outside for a long time everyday in harsh cold weather. I felt that this was harder than military service and I missed my parents’ faces. I realized how much they struggled, tried, and did their best to bring up their children and I appreciated their effort.

In addition, I also learned about the value of money. Before I got a job, I just had used money without consideration because money came easily from my parents, not my own effort. However, after I started work, I couldn’t use money easily especially for me. For 1 year, I couldn’t buy anything special for myself. Actually, I really wanted to buy a good car because I had never had my own car before and had waited for a car about 27years! Also, it is possible for me to buy a car using my salary, but I decided to wait and I just used the money for my family or my girlfriend because I felt uncomfortable when I tried to buy something for myself. After these experiences, I learned about the value of money and how to spend money wisely.

Becoming an employee with hard work was quite different from being a...
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