Working for Large Companies or Running Your Own Business Working for Large Companies or Running Your Own Business Working for a Large Company or Running Your Own Business

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Working For Large Companies Or Running Your Own Business

Some people show special interest in working for a large company, while others are more willing to run their own business. Of course, every individual has his own opinion about the strengths and weakness when it comes to serving in a big firm or managing his own business. For me, my choice is to work for a large company.

In a large company, I could own a step-by-step process from starting at an entry-level position to working myself up to the top. I could start in the mailroom and, once I know the company, can apply for a managerial position. Basic work to the whole career development is what a solid foundation to a tall building. Whereas running my own company won’t allow me to have this gradual process but compel me to face all the challenges at the very beginning, which most likely leads to failure.

In terms of risks, there is another advantage of working in a large company, that is, having others share the risks. Whatever happens, I needn’t take full responsibility on my own. However in the case of running my own business, I won’t be so lucky in the fierce business competition.

There are lots of benefits of working in a big firm that I haven’t mentioned, such as security in retirement, free career training, etc.

Of course, choosing to run my own business also has advantages to some extent. For example, it will offer the enjoyment of start-up and make a company run totally under my business philosophy. But obviously what I’ve listed above overwhelms the advantages of starting an undertaking. Therefore, it’s more likely to own a brilliant future to work in a large company. 杨小红 07300180074

Working For a Large Company or Running Your Own Business Working is a pleasant thing, and society can not develop without working. But whether we should work for a large company or run...
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