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Topics: Tobacco smoking, Clerk, Smoking Pages: 1 (593 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Running HeadWORKING CONDITIONS Working Conditions By Mr. Chris Dela Cruz Session Long Project Module Week 5 Coordinator Professor Dr. Steven Jay Gold Core Faculty Mr. Karl Sagstetter ETH 301 Business Ethics DATE @ MMMM d, yyyy June 22, 2009 In my personal opinion it is not about the job that makes it dangerous. Its the person behind the job that makes it dangerous. Personnel or employees either dont pay attention to what they do They dont take pride of their work to the company they work with. To them is just a paycheck I also believe it is not the danger of the job it is the risk that we take when we are in job. Also in everything that we do there will always be danger. This can be both physically and mentally. I know I am explaining this very vaguely, a clerical job. It seems easy come in to work, sit behind your desk. Working conditions can be dangerous. If your posture is not right, slouching, not using your wrist pad and mouse pad, back support if you dont correct yourself or a bad habit of your posture will lead you to carpo tunnel syndrome. How about sales clerk carrying boxes, not wearing proper shoes will lead you to back pain. I believe that their will always be risk and working conditions in every work that we do. My job is unique in a sense because I have accomplished both the enjoyment of my job and also the chance to see and travel many places. I am only 34 years of age and I have traveled half of the continent. My wife has also traveled many places with me. My son who was born in Japan and one of his Godfather is a Japanese who lives in Yokosuka, Japan. My work has turn in me to some bad habits of course were sailors. I am not a fan of smoking cigarettes or cigars, my work has somewhat force me to smoke. I am not blaming the Navy for it by I have a choice not to I am still responsible for the actions that I take I am thankful that I am fully in control of this habit and not turn into an addiction. I smoke cigars and just...
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