Working Class and Money
Topics: Working class, Wealth, Supreme Court of the United States, Social class, Distribution of wealth / Pages: 6 (1307 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 2013

Robber Barons and Rebels Elliott Eastman


1. What was the technology that transformed the work-place from 1865-1900?

What economic and social effects did the new technology have on American society.

The Technology that would transform the work place was these new huge machines.

These machines would take over the jobs of the product line workers. Which would make it easier on the companies because they weren’t having to pay all these workers. This helped on the economic side of this because the companies were able to produce more product at a faster rate than the line workers as an example. Then for the social effects on society was since the telephone was invented people were being able to spread their businesses

faster so that everybody knew about it.

2. Why did it “take money to make money” during the period of rapid economic expansion

after the Civil War? What are the implications of this for the potential for social mobility?

To make money you need to spend money. This means if you are buying cotton for your sweaters that is the buying part. After you make the sweater you sell it for a higher price. This is where you make your money back and more. This time in the economy big business is shutting down the more little businesses. They were spending a little bit of money and then shutting out these other businesses and then charging high prices for their product.

For social mobility its is keeping it the way it has been the lower class aren’t able to move up when these prices are so high.

3. How many railroad workers were killed or injured in 1889? Why did so many workers die on the job?

In 1889 the number of workers killed on the job was 22,000. These people were dieing on the job because of their shifts for their jobs could last up to 12 hours. Also the people working these 12 hour shifts every day were only 16 years old.

4. How did J.P. Morgan justify

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