Working Capital and Portfolio Management

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Internship Report on Working Capital and Portfolio Management




Student Name: Tanmay Bhasin
Enrollment Number: A3104609018
Institute: Amity College of Commerce and Finance (ACCF),
Amity University, Noida

Name: Raymond Group
Corporate Address: Raymond Ltd. Mahindra Towers, 2nd Floor, B Wing, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400018

Project Guide
Name: Mr. Amit Singh Kohli
(Assistant Vice President Operations)

Project Details
Project Title: Working Capital And Portfolio Management
Date of Joining: 18th May, 2011
Date of Completion: 13th July, 2011
Date of Submission of Report: 23rd August, 2011


I, TANMAY BHASIN, a student of Amity College of Commerce & Finance, Amity University hereby declare that I have completed my project on ‘WORKING CAPITAL AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT’ at the RAYMOND GROUP, for a period of 8 weeks from 18th May,2011 till 13th July, 2011. The information submitted herein is true and original to the best of my knowledge.


At first, I owe my debt of thanks to Raymond Group, which gave me the opportunity to do this internship. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Amit Singh Kohli, my project guide for his guidance and support throughout my internship. His calm demeanor and willingness to teach has been a great help in successfully completing the project. My learning has been immeasurable and working under him was a great experience. I am also very grateful to all the staff members for their guidance and encouragement. Nothing concrete can be achieved without an optimal combination of inspiration and perspiration. No work can be accomplished without taking the guidance of the experts.

Finally, I wish to thank my faculty guide Ms. Neha Puri who has guided me immensely during the course of my internship. I would also like to thank Amity College of Commerce and Finance (ACCF) for giving me the opportunity to intern at this esteemed organization. The learning from this experience has been immense and would be cherished throughout life

Project on Working Capital and Portfolio Management

Management of working capital is challenging task particularly in developing countries like India, where generally there is a shortage of funds, frequent changes in the monitory policy as an instrument of controlling inflation, vast demands on bank funds, high interest rates, shortage of goods and services luring both business houses & consumers to hoard & maintain large inventories & existence of a parallel black economy. Large part of a Finance manager’s time is devoted in managing working capital, to fulfill the day to day needs of an organization. Focus should be to maintain sufficient liquidity in the form of cash, marketable securities, account receivables & inventories to grease the operations of business adequately. But at the same time it is important to take care of the profitability of the organization. Too much liquidity is a burden on profitability, as these are inversely related to each other. It is important to balance these two conflicting objectives of liquidity & profitability.

Portfolio management involves investing...
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