Working Abroad

Topics: Family, Sadness, Marriage Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Working abroad

Being a worker in a foreign country has many difficulties and just one advantage if the person is married. In contrast if you are single you have more than one advantage. So when you are the head of the family you feel really sad because you miss your family and also you miss a good meal from your wife. On the other hand, if you are a single person of course you miss your family but you are able to learn a lot of new things by yourself. In addition, the only common thing between these different kinds of people is that they want or need to raise their salaries.

My father was a worker in two different countries. In the eighties he traveled to the US because families in Bolivia had several economic troubles made by the ex Bolivian’s President Hernán Siles Suazo. So, my father chose the US even though he could be deported at the first try. Nevertheless, he was in the US just for a short time but it was very difficult for him to be alone, also the only way to communicate with us was by letters and another difficulty was the language. In 2000 my father traveled to Spain because in Bolivia he couldn’t get a good job. In that year I was a kid, so in many times I cried when I was talking by phone with my father because I really needed him. Thanks God he came back soon in spite of he had a good job in Spain.

My cousin was young when he traveled to Spain of course he was a single person. When he arrived in Spain the first thing that he did, was cut ticket back because he missed his family a lot and felt lonely. However, he felt depressed since he started his new lifestyle, but as soon as he made friends, he started to feel better.

In conclusion, there were many times in which my father and my cousin felt unhappy and lost a lot of great moments with their families. However, everything they did they did it for a better future for their families. In addition, most of people in Bolivia have a relative who worked in a foreign country and they...
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