Workforce Planning

Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome Pages: 8 (2335 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Group 2

Manage Workforce Planning

Autism Victoria – Workforce Plan

By James Watts, Jessica Lim, Luke Farrugia and Kair Aueil

For Jan Kelly


Table of Contents
1.The Necessity of Workforce Planning3
2.Overview of organisation3
2.1.Autism Victoria’s services3
3.1.Autism Victoria’s Vision3
3.2.Autism Victoria’s Values3
3.3.Autism Victoria’s Mission4
3.4.Autism Victoria’s Strategic Priorities4
3.5.SWOT Analysis4
4.External Factors4
4.1.Global Factors5
4.2.National and Regional Factors5
5.Internal Environment6
5.1.Business Planning Process6
5.2.Internal Changes6
5.3.Labour Issues6
5.4.Organisational Structure6
6.Current Workforce Profile7
7.Future Workforce Profile7
8.Gap Analysis and Closing Strategies7
9.Conclusion and Recommendations8

1. The Necessity of Workforce Planning
Workforce planning is a comprehensive process that provides managers with a framework for making staffing decisions based on an organisation’s mission, strategic plan, budgetary resources and a set of desired workforce competencies. (Dessler, Griffiths & Lloyd-Walker 2007 pp78) Workforce planning allows managers to anticipate changes in the external and internal business environment and how they will impact their organisation’s workforce needs. It also provides a basis for managers to devise strategies to tackle said changes and generate the maximal amount of value for their dollar. As Autism Victoria is a non-profit organisation, it relies heavily upon government grants and funding. The limitations on this form of income make it imperative that Autism Victoria invests every penny wisely. And because the hiring and payment of workers is so costly, significant effort must be put into the workforce planning process in order to ensure that it isn’t costing the company more than it benefits it. 2. Overview of organisation

Autism Victoria, trading as Amaze, is a member-based not-for-profit organisation and is the peak body for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in the state of Victoria. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, their family and carers. They also provide a range of services to individuals and agencies with an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS). 3.1. Autism Victoria’s services

Autism Victoria offers the following services:
* free phone support for individuals and organisations affected by ASD * certified and customised training programs for professionals and businesses * information and education sessions for individuals and families including the Early Days workshops * autism accreditation for services, schools and practitioners * administration of the FaHCSIA “Helping Children with Autism” funding on behalf of government * information Services – Autism Library, Spectrum Magazine, eSpectrum newsletter, online resources, Fact Sheets and more 3. Strategy

4.2. Autism Victoria’s Vision
That all people affected by an ASD have the best quality of life outcomes possible 4.3. Autism Victoria’s Values
* Diversity
* Co-operative spirit
* Willingness to learn
* Background in dealing with an ASD
4.4. Autism Victoria’s Mission
To provide the best quality range of information, advice and support to families and individuals and advocating for systemic change, the establishment of networks, links and communities and the provision of training and accreditation to the service support system. 4.5. Autism Victoria’s Strategic Priorities

Autism Victoria’s most recent Board of Directors meeting yielded 5 priorities for this quarter. They are: 1. To confirm and enhance the role of Autism Victoria as the Peak Body on Autism Spectrum Disorders in Victoria 2. To ensure Autism Victoria is a robust and...

References: Dessler, G, Griffiths, J & Lloyd-Walker, B 2007 Human Resource Management, 3rd edn, Pearson Education, Australia
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