Workforce of the Future

Topics: Generation Y, Want, Demographics Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: February 11, 2015
In an era where globalization and digital technology is changing the terrain and setting the ground for a new work atmosphere, it is time for organizations to address specific challenges and opportunities that matters most of the workforce. The world is changing. Demographic shifts of the current pattern, influenced by choices made by double income no kids families. There is an increasing reality of older, matured and more tenured employees staying in the workplace longer. In the context of an ageing population in some geographies and younger generational’ employee critical mass’ at another geographical location, there are seemingly contradictions to the way in which talent has to be managed. In just over 10 years, approximately 75% of the North American workforce will be comprised of members of Generation Y. Generation Y is the fastest rising demographic. Example: Amway – Amway business Gen- Y shoot up by 21% in recruiting and 19% in sales generated.

It is but a reality that workforce around the world are fast becoming more diverse across a number of unique and personalized dimension like age, culture, preferences, work style, employment choice, life preferences, personal attitude, ethnicity and sexual orientation. To be effective, they say, diversity strategies should to come extent reflect the customer base and geographies of the organization. Technology enables business environment and intellect as a basic unit is inevitable, A TCS Canada INC research on HCM trends states, “Technological progress has enabled how HR-system contain more and more functionality that in turn bring people, technology and performance together. HR system are growing to a fully integrated unified, best of breed HCM platform solution that are comprehensive and through tools supporting strategic decisions.

Now-a-days, for many professionals, work is no longer defined by the office locations or by the hours of the day or by the specific tools used by the trade....
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