Workforce Changed Over Time

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Labor: Work Place
There are many jobs that vary in hours, location and season. Over time jobs have changed in many ways, wether it is the working conditions, minimum wage, or the employees benefits. Since technology has improved many jobs are no longer needed, but many new jobs have been created as well.

Mario is a 69 year old man who once worked in construction. His job was a little different than most, It depended on the climate and necessity at the moment. Indoor jobs for him were sometimes year-rounded, whereas outdoor construction they had to pause for winter. The benefit for him is that since he had experience he could always do little jobs on the side for people when they did not have any projects available. He got payed about five hundred to six hundred dollars weekly. His job was to go to any cite with all other co workers and build whatever they were assigned to do. His boss expected them do work at a good pace to be able to finish the job quickly. Even when it was past 100 degrees he was expected to work like it was normal cooled temperatures. He did have an hour lunch break to eat and rest to be ready to go back to work. Sometimes they worked from very early in the morning to the evening. It all depended on what needed to be done. If there was many projects to finish, they would split the workers, and they had to do the jobs of the missing ones. Sometimes it was dangerous tasks that had to be done but the boss was not responsible. He had no medical coverage or paid days for vacation or when he got sick.

Also, there is Michelle who is currently as high school student. She has a part time job at the fast food restaurant Mc Donald’s. She gets paid $ 7.57 an hour, and works about twenty hours in the week. When she goes on vacation or break she works up a little more. Her job is very fast paced and has to be able to maintain really good customer service even when the place is really busy and over whelming. She has to deal with cranky customers...
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