Workers Rights
Topics: United States, Massachusetts / Pages: 3 (579 words) / Published: May 20th, 2012

Today there are many issues facing workers’ in this country. Every day there is a threat of loosing a job, more benefits, or not being able to pay off debt and support a family. In Masssachusetts the issues are the same as across the country jobs being shipped away leaving workers’ to scramble for any job they can find. Most workers’ in today’s economy are under employed. Companies are aware of the desperation that is felt by most American workers to just stay above water. Instead of trying to help rid the worker of this fight corporations are playing on it. Knowing that there are so many out of work companies are paying less for jobs and offereing miniscule if any benefits.

Workers throughout the country are trying to work enough to support their lives. So many jobs have left our states, or have been eradicated due to technology. United States of America has more people than 20 years ago, but less job oppurtunities. It is like in Australia with a women out populating men two to one, Australian women are more likely to settle for any relationship because they feel lucky to have found anyone. American workers’ are settling for less than decent jobs, never minding finding a “dream: job. There is no time to protest or demonstrate against these circumstances because there is a rate race going on to the next substandard job opening. The issue that is affecting our regional economy that is most concern to me is the lack of a decent job.

When I was growing up all I heard was remember to find a job you love. My nana would say it, my parents would reenforce it. Today the motto is keep your fingers crossed that you will be able to find a job. Some where in between 1982, the year I was born, and 2008 when I started my first civilian job out of the military something shifted. The “American Dream” has ceased to exist and the workers of the country have been hung out to dry. Massachusetts was the workers’ capital of the country. It was place where even the corporations

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