Workers Participation in Management

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Worker’s Participation in Management

-Suma.M .Urolagin MBA scholar IMSR,Hubli

I was invited by HAWA VALVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD. a premier valve manufacturing company to conduct a training programme for its senior managers. The company had introduced a scheme of workers' participation in management (wpm) in 2007 and the general manager (GM) felt that the scheme did not yield satisfactory results and that there was discontent about the usefulness and relevance of the scheme among managers and workers with its implementation. The top management had advised the GM to organize suitable training for the Unit personnel involved in wpm with the expectation that such training would raise their awareness of the need for wpm. I was asked to conduct a one-day workshop to include conceptual knowledge about wpm and to identify the training needs for personnel involved in wpm.

Issues for Discussion on WPM

Sixteen Unit managers participated in Workshop. I first shared with them the importance of wpm. During discussions, the following issues emerged i.e;

(1) When wpm was introduced in the Unit, there was no attempt to identify its need or relevance for the workers.

(2) When wpm was introduced, there were already many participative committees like the welfare committee, the canteen committee and quality circles. There was no clarity about the division of function and jurisdiction among the various committees.

(3) Workers and union leaders involved in wpm had a tendency to use it to resolve employee grievances and collective bargaining, and were not interested in discussing matters relating to productivity, efficiency, etc.


The participants concluded that:

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