Work Specialization

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Work specialization and Division of labor
Work specialization is the process of focusing one occupational concentration on a specific area of expertise. An increase in job specialization among employees can make them less flexible since it tends to reduce their ability to perform other types of work within the business that fall outside their particular specialty. In work specialization, the entire job is broken down into steps, each step completed by a separate individual. Individual workers specialize in doing part of an activity; this involves repetitive performance of a few skills. This also can be viewed as a means to make the most efficient use of employee's skills. Division of labor is division of labor is where the work force is divided into different jobs. For example a car production line, one person might put the windows in and another might put on the wheels. Division makes efficient use of employee’s skills, less between-job downtime increases productivity and specialized training is more efficient. For McDonald outlet, they also practice using the work specialization to their employee. Usually, they have 15 staff in one McDonald outlet. The employee of McDonald is separate with one employee one task. McDonald’s probably divides it employees up in to three chefs, three people serving, two people frying, three people packing and constructing the burgers, and maybe two or three on the drive through. The employee of McDonald everyday do the same task of work, this will make to increases employee's skills through repetition. Some time when the McDonald outlet is many customers, the employee will changer the practice from work specialization to multi-tasking. For example, when there are many customers, the people who doing the serving and ordering need to take order from customer then go to do refill the drink and frying French fries. And some time the people who doing the frying will need to do packing when there are many customers.
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