Work Role of Employees Managers and Executives

Topics: Management, Employment, Skill Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Week 2 Assignment: Describe the work roles of 1) employees, 2) managers, and 3) executives in organizations today. Assignment is not to exceed 500 words - due Sunday, May 13th at midnight PST. Among the major organizational characteristics that influence training the work roles of employees, managers and executives are very important. The varied roles that the employees the managers and the executive play in the organization influence the focus of the training and development in an organization. In the past the role of the employees was to perform their job according to their manager’s directions. But in the current scenario employees fill a job role and have enriched job profiles which mean they are responsible at a much higher level than that of someone who just completes a task. This is even more important when the final product quality is dependent on the employee’s inputs and when the emphasis is on creation of intellectual capital. Another factor that has changed is the role expansion of the employees. Employees are currently involved in activities like hiring, interacting with vendors, partners, suppliers etc. In such cases it becomes imperative that the employee be trained to make judgment calls, initiate activities and generally trained for doing work at much higher level than they are accoumsted to. In case of companies that use team based project or manufacturing or services, it is important they are trained in team dynamics like interpersonal skills, problem solving, resolving conflict and giving and receiving feedback. Training is also a way to make way for the employee to grow in his career by proving him training not just for the work he is currently doing but for the work he will be needed to do in the future. Companies that has skill based pay systems encourages cross training to develop employees. The most important work area for a manager is to manage individual performance, i.e. to motivate employees to change performance, provide feedback...
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