Work Related Project Analysis Part I

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Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I
BSA 376
June 16, 2014
Michele Busby

Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I
A work-related project analysis is an investigation to help an organization to make better choices when considering a new system. A project analysis will identify issues or complaints made by the organization in an effort to better the system. An assessment of the issues and alternative methods will be explored which will include and benefits and any risks of the alternative methods. All benefits and any risks must be explored in order for the client and the developer to make a choice of methods for improvement. Project analysis is an important tool for making the proper decisions for any organization. One organization that is seeking the benefits of a new system through a work-related project analysis is The Reliable Pharmaceuticals Service.
The Reliable Pharmaceuticals Service is a company currently offering delivery services to health care organizations that do not have a pharmacy within the organization. In addition to health care organizations, The Reliable Pharmaceuticals Service is a providers of delivery services to nursing homes, hospitals, and in-patient residential rehabilitation facilities. All of the medical facilities using the pharmaceutical company are able to place telephone orders and have those orders delivered promptly. The company was started in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975 and the business has been very successful and an expansion is needed to keep up with the growing demand of pharmaceutical deliveries. Currently the company is using a computer based system with order entry, Excel spreadsheets, Access database, and a billing and inventory management in an effort to have everything accurate and organized. About 10 years ago the profits of the company started to decline because of new laws regarding reimbursements from Medicaid and Medicare, managed health organizations, and other large health care insurance companies.

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