Work Related Project Analysis

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Work - Related Project Analysis

Description of the Organization
Edible Arrangement is an organization, which exclusively imports fresh fruit and creates beautiful fruit arrangements that are created by the personnel that work for the organization. Products include elaborate and beautiful, handcrafted arrangements, which can be quite expensive. Considering that the freshest fruit bouquets, arrangements, and chocolate covered fruit are the main selling points, the organization can be viewed as part of the retail gift market. With that being said, it is also true that there are some customers who buy the products for themselves. The organization’s head-quarters is situated in East Haven, Connecticut, with the first franchise located in Waltham Massachusetts, whereas its franchises are in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Tariq Farid , the founder and CEO and Kamran Farid, COO of Edible Arrangements, is a management major who has both in-depth knowledge as well as extensive experience in the fruit bouquet and arrangement production industry. The organization’s management team is made up of William Stern (Marketing and Public relations) and Keith Tandler (Finance). Currently the organization is using the TPS, CRM, and ERP systems to execute the majority of its business processes and ensures customer retention rates of 80%. The Problem

The fact that the products are completely handcrafted gives the organization a competitive advantage over its rivals. Lack of similar products in the domestic market meant that the organization’s products became a unique option to customers. As the organization continued to grow and diversify though, the need to improve efficiency and cut down costs also increased. With tremendous scope to gain entry into new product markets across the country, the company looked to expand its business. The problem that the organization faced though is that it lacked a management plan and adequately trained sales people to embark on such a mission.

Another problem would be that implementing the new system would minimize labor hours because the reorder system eliminates the need for employees from having to count inventory levels at the end of the day and have to call for supplier’s orders. Communication channels are not clear, and the flow of information is interrupted. Benefits of having a Management Plan

The benefits that the organization could receive on successful completion of the plan include: * Gain an understanding of markets and the organization’s prospects * Address different aspects of products and services

* Evaluate competition and set long term goals
* Guide to management activities
* Bring focus, direction, and clarity to organizational activities * Keep track of the costs
* Define image, pricing, promotion, and sales strategies  * Structure development, production, an delivery methods
Project Mission
* This system will satisfy customers by being able to visually see the product, choose specific adjustments, and ship to any desired location. * The information is already available on the computer, and the employees will better utilize the three infrastructure building blocks, and unite the three into one cohesive system for improving performance. * The system will be controlled using target inventory levels that should be maintained. When the inventory runs below the target inventory level, the system creates a notification and puts it in the invoice for the supplier. After implementing the system, manual labor hours will decrease 75% from the total weekly hours 14, to 3.5 hours counting inventory. * To realize international levels of excellence in product and service sales with emphasis on customer delight and cost cuts. * To build unshakeable corporate identity as well as brand equity by establishing high standards for business ethics and TQM. * To optimize revenue, value, as well as satisfaction...

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