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Lesson Topic:
Pay - Different types of pay / who gets what type of pay.
Course / curriculum covered
AQA Preparation for Working Life.
Section 9.6 Economic and Financial Aspects of Life

Your teaching/ learning focus for this lesson:
Lesson Aim: To introduce learners to the different types of payment for work so they can understand the way businesses operate.

Students’ Learning Objectives will be:
1) All will
2) Most will
3) Some will
Students’ Outcomes will be:
(What will the students have done to show you that the objective has been achieved) 1.
Understand that there are different types of pay
Recognised some pay terms
Identify what type of pay is used when
Completed a matching exercise
Know the advantages and disadvantages of payment types
Answered questions about types of pay

Personalisation / Differentiation Strategies:
Those with greater knowledge can support those less able during the question and answer and group work Support teacher (if available) can work with most needy in a group or 1:1 during exercises. More advanced learners can be given additional exercises if they complete the individual or group work quickly. Word search and worksheets can be done individually or in groups to meet needs Group divisions can be chosen either to mix or separate abilities

Attainment/Assessment Objectives:
Levels/ sub levels or grades being targeted:
The subject prepares learners for the course examination by covering required topics. The exercises and end plenary enable the teacher to assess whether any learning has taken place. Content covered is relevant to both levels 1 and 2

Other Focus points to consider:
Literacy and Numeracy: Word recognition in word search exercise. Learners read and complete worksheet. Calculations of minimum wage. Cross Curricular links: Economics. Employability. Pay scenarios use health and social care and construction examples.

Resources needed:
Materials to use with students in the session

Additional exercises
Other resources

Use of ICT in the lesson
1. Copies of ‘word search pay words’ for every student – there are easier versions with the words to be found in a slightly bigger font if needed (word search pay words easier) There is also an answer sheet (word search pay words answers) 2. ‘Types of pay without pros and cons’ either on whiteboard or copies for each student depending on how used 3. ‘Types of pay exercise’ worksheet for every student

4. ‘Types of pay explanation’ can be given to each student as a handout

1. Use the National minimum wage worksheet

‘Types of pay without pros and cons’ and’ Types of pay explanation’ can be put on the Whiteboard

Structure of lesson:

Stages in lesson
Teacher activity
Student activity


5 mins

5 mins
Reminder of subject and recap of previous session
Explanation of word search exercise – giving out to each student Listening and responding to questions

Completion of word search – finding 7 hidden words.

Main part of lesson:

10 mins

10 mins

10 mins
Checking word search results and explaining each of the words found. Words and definitions can be put on whiteboard (hiding advantages and disadvantages)

After all words introduced asking the learners to say one advantage and one disadvantage for each of the types of pay – either from the worker or the business’s point of view.

Setting up students either in groups or to work on own and explanation of worksheet Listening /responding to questions

Responding to questions and making suggestions about disadvantages and advantages

Completing worksheet matching types of pay to work scenario


5- 10 mins
Checking understanding of types of pay and when each used – question and answer

Give the types of pay explanation handout about types of pay as a refresher.

Answering questions

Looking at handout

Read the handout and be prepared to answer questions at start of next lesson. Contingency Plans:
If initial exercises last too long, the worksheet could be given as homework or used as a recap at the start of the next session. If word search is too hard students could complete at home. More able learners could be asked to think of 3 more types of work scenario and say what type of pay those people would get. Suggested additional activities for longer lessons

Introduce information about performance related pay and the minimum wage ( see links below) Give out the national minimum wage worksheet to get students to calculate how much someone on the minimum wage would earn in the 3 scenarios given.

Useful links to related topics and materials

Information about pay systems including the national minimum wage

Information about pay and employment from the government

For information about general finance resources see the file Useful websites and resources for Economic and Financial Aspects of Life

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