Work Place Relations

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Work Place relationships
William Trimble
Baker College PSY101
Gwen Zegestowsky
June 11, 2014

Work Place Relationships

Part I: Describe the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship in the workplace. Just like personal relationships, workplace relationships can be both healthy or unhealthy. The nature of one's relationships in the workplace can relate to job satisfaction and success in that workplace. Describe three characteristics that would exemplify an unhealthy relationship with coworkers and/or managers. Most people spend the majority of their lives at work, and studies repeatedly show happy employees are more productive. Companies that treat their employees’ well will earn huge dividends compared to those that dismiss and ignore their workforce. However, under siege to reduce expenses and stay afloat amid the rising cost of doing business, some working environments have turned into toxic cultures that make the workplace almost unbearable. Here are a few quotes that may sound familiar (Thompson, Houston Chronicle). •“If I don’t leave my job, I will lose my mind”

“I feel like I am in prison”
“I don’t have a life anymore, it’s all work”
“My boss is making me crazy”
“Everyone around me is negative”
If so, there is a strong possibility you are hearing a description of a toxic work environment. To some, the word toxic may seem too extreme for their workplace, while others heave a sigh of relief to discover someone has put a label on the way they are feeling. A toxic workplace is one that causes emotional and physical reactions over a period of time that diminishes productivity and happiness. Quite literally it resembles poison to your career and well-being. The good news is that a toxic work environment is not permanent one and recovery takes place once you identify the problem and develop a plan of action. Here are five ways to tell if your workplace is...
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