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A Research Proposal





Statement of the Problem

The research aims to investigate the level of awarenes on rabies among the community of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur

Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What is the socio-demographic profile of the respondents in terms of the following personal factors:

a. Age,

b. Sex,

c. Civil status,

d. Highest educational attainment,

e. Address,

f. Family monthly income

g. Religion, and

h. Ethnicity?

2. What is the level of awareness on rabies among the community people of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur along the following factors?

a. Knowledge base,

b. Treatment/ management?

3. What are the practices of the community in managing animal bites or rabies?

4. Is there a significant relationship on the level of awarenes on rabies and sociodemographic profile of the respondents?

5. Is there a significant difference on the level of awareness on rabies between and among the different barangays of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur?

Scope and Delimitation

The study aims at providing human resource framework management that can be used to monitor and manage changes in nurses’ performance as to improve the performance of the professional nurses in Metro Vigan Ilocos Sur particularly nurses employed at Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital (MVCH) in Bantay, St. James Hospital, Gabriela Silang General Hospital, Lahoz Clinic, Polyclinic, and Metro Vigan Hospital in Vigan.

The objectives of this study are to determine factors which positively and negatively affects the performance of professional nurses in Metro Vigan Ilocos Sur. Furthermore, it also aims to investigate if nurse managers are equipped to facilitate good performance of their subordinates. Lastly, it also aims to find and propose strategies that could improve the performance of professionl nurses in Metro Vigan Ilocos Sur.The personal-related factors considered in the study is limited to age, sex, civil status, Highest qualification in nursing, and number of years as a registered nurse. Likewise, organizationl demographic-related factors are limited to Type of hospital currently employed, Current employment status, Type of discipline/clinical ward currently allocated, Length of time working in the clinical area for the staff nurse while for the nurse managers, it includes Type of hospital currently employed and Current position/ title.

The study will use a quantitative research model using a descriptive and exploratory design. The respondents of the study will be the staff nurses and nurse managers/ supervisors of the different hospitals in Metro Vigan Ilocos Sur.

The data needed in the study will be gathered through the use of a questionnaire and through documentary analysis. Data to be gathered will be treated statistically through the use of frequency, percentage, mean and simple correlation analysis.

Theoretical Framework

To have better insight into the factors affecting the performance of the professional nurses in different hospitals with in Metro Vigan, ideas from authorities and experts and research results were collected and presented in this section.

The implementation of the Local Government Code demanded a new role for the Department of Health. Health sector reforms, therefore have been developed. Organizational and policy changes and public investments are needed to improve the way health care is delivered, regulated and financed.Therefore, there is a Organizational and...
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