Work of Taylor and Fayol Is Complimentary

Topics: Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henri Fayol Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Work of Taylor and Fayol was complimentary.

After going through the contribution made by both of these legends, we find that both of these are giving reflection of aiming increase in efficiency. Definitely the work of Taylor and Fayol is complimentary. Realizing the problem of human resource and their management at all levels they attributed this fact to be the key in the success of business. Both of them recognized the behavioral side of management; however they did not emphasize the human dimension. Both of them worked on the scientific aspect of the problem. While Taylor worked primarily on the operative level from the bottom of the organizational hierarchy upward, Fayol mainly concentrated on Managing Director (his own term) & worked downward. Fayol laid down various tenets or principles of organization and management, while as the Taylor developed various strategies on work methods, measurement and simplification, to secure efficiencies. Both referenced and advocated the concept of functional specialization. They were of the thought that principles existed which would help in operating and administrating the organizations. This type of assertion validated a “one best way” approach to management thinking. Publishing there books, “Administrative Science” in 1916 by Fayol. And “Principles of Scientific Management” in 1911 by Taylor, both expressed their views and ideas regarding management practices. Stressing on the complete coordination & cooperation between Managers and Employees, both of them tried to mitigate the problems of workers & management at all levels. Being the two sides of the same coin both of these worked on the different aspects of the management. As with Henri Fayol, Fredrick Taylor also believed in the use of sanctions to punish disobedience in employees. Both of them hailed from the classical era of Management that preceded today’s contemporary styles. The global market has changed since the early 1900’s...
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