Work of Operations Manager

Topics: Management, Operations management, Forecasting Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: November 5, 2008
The case studies, as the name suggest can give us more realistic knowledge to one side from the theoretical knowledge. It can give us a broad range of information concerning the firm as well as the operations that are associated with the firm. It can give us practical view of this operation management duty which can be very fascinating and imperative. There are so many activities the operational manager has to perform. The function includes product design, quality management, process design, location, layout design, human resources, inventory, scheduling and maintenance. So the functions of operational manager are vital and cover a lot of work. So for a company to run efficiently as well as fruitfully, these all functions are to be done in professional as well as on quality scale. With varying trend, the functions of the operational manager also vary, or it also depends on the individual company. There is always a goal in every function of the operation manager. For example, in product design, operational manager has to decide the whole design that how to produce the product in time with apt resources. In quality management, the operational manager has to set the principles of the quality of the product and then sustain the quality for the whole lot. In process design, the whole process of production or service is decided according to the desire of the product and resources of the company. In location, the operational manager has to decide the location of the service to be provided or the location of the production of any product. In human resource, ingenious, safe, worthwhile jobs, firm employment and unbiased pay in exchange for exceptional individual input from staff at all level should be produced by operational manager. Operational manager has to hire or maintain the people in appropriate position. In inventory scheduling, the operational manager has to order for the next period according to order or by forecasting about the business, sustain the...
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