Work Of Art Analysis
Topics: Black people, White people, Art, African American / Pages: 5 (1168 words) / Published: Mar 21st, 2017

Analyze a work of art (for instance, a painting or a song, which you clear first with your instructor) using one article you’ve read for Core 1 (for instance any of those written by Foucault, Thomas, Berger, Sampson, Hebdige, Lipsitz, Johnson Sheehan, Didion, Muir, Snyder, Lakoff & Johnson, or Steingraber) and write an essay that carefully assesses the artwork’s significance. Apply the article to the interpretation of the artwork; demonstrate your understanding of the article and employ some of its concepts to your analysis of the artwork. Your essay could explore such questions as: What does the work mean? How does it communicate that meaning? Of what “use” or “value” is this work, perhaps in terms of the context in which it appeared, and …show more content…
That itself is what is amazing about the human perception about what is creative and what is not. Things like this leave the debate open about what artforms are exquisite and which ones are not impressive. This also leads into art types and whether or not some art is intricate or too simple. All of this boils down to personal taste, history, and society at that moment. One of the things that history has showed is that it had been decided by mostly Europeans who have colonized and spread their influence across the world. This has not only led to things that are European to become the new norm but it has also influenced art as well. This led to the suppression of the art forms from other cultures as they were seen as inferior to the superior western art styles. However, there has been a second emergence of the African American arts recently that has taken the world by storm over the past couple of decades. Society hasn’t realized it but it is now quite clear that the various arts of African’s are spreading across the …show more content…
Both are black artists who are recently getting exposure for their artwork and are starting to gain popularity for their art styles and message. Their artwork usually deals with their race and how cultural and sexual identity play into society and the growth of black people as a whole. The majority of Alexandria’s artwork has to do with adolescence of black women and it shows how white people shaped reality for blacks. This is evident where the girl has a very “white” hairstyle. This is seen as a way that white people have forced their idea of what women’s hair should look like. That accompanied with the masculine white hand holding her further supports the idea of white males controlling black women. It also emits a more sinister feeling by subtly showing that the white men are doing more evil things, such as rape or molestation, to the young black girls. This sinister vibe brought onto the black girl makes the audience quite uneasy when they first look upon.The implied evil of the black girl looking up at the white man contrasting the colorful background looks quite strange. We usually wouldn’t see a colorful and abstract art style in something serious because it’s often seen as funny and odd. However, The sense is enhanced by the oddity of the style and message that the art is conveying. The largest and strongest component of this painting is the lack of a countenance

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