work in partnership

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Work in partnership in health and social care or children and young peoples settings.

Explain the importance of partnership working with:
Other professionals

Working in partnership with other colleagues and professionals is detrimental in being able to provide a service fit for need as it helps promote team working which i believe motivates a team to work well and excel them. It also helps every person involved in providing the service aware of all obstacles that could arise and any outcomes to achieve or have been achieved. Within a children’s setting it can also help build positive environments for children to be in and this would help a child or young person settle better into a new environment so that you are able to assess a person or child and manage tasks efficiently. It helps creates a safe environment to share information as nearly all professionals update themselves with technology, information can now be sent password protected via a encrypted system which deters others from being able to access a person’s private information by a secure connection. Sharing information about a person can help the smooth running of a service as it enables all involved to be fully aware of each person’s position and remit and allows others to know who to approach for feedback or guidance.

Working in partnership with others i.e. family members or carers helps with the smooth running of a service, as family members hold a lot of information past and present about a person which can be used to build a care plan. Family are often keen to assist with service provision for a person and by working in partnership with them it creates positives relationships. You can put a person’s mind at ease with regard to the level of support a person may need. If it is a child or young person a parent or guardian would need much reassurance to know that they are leaving the child in safe capable hands therefore it is imperative that pre assessments are carried out. We have in the past used an informal interview process for new services for a person who may have either complex or long term needs i.e. a waking night service. We would before the service is due to start we would set up an informal meeting at the clients home and arrange for 3-4 people to go and meet the client their family or NOK. This would allow them to put any questions forward and explain specific tasks and how they should be carried out. It also helps as when the service does start the person coming to assist is not a stranger. This in turn helps a nok, guardian, parent or family member enjoy their respite without fear of the person not being able to manage. This has worked well on many occasions and this is something we intend to keep as a way of matching the correct care support assistant to the person who needs support.

Analyse how partnership working delivers better outcomes.

Partnership working can help to deliver better outcomes for all health and social care professionals from a commissioning, performance management, service delivery and service improvement purpose. As we move forward with new legislation and processes it is important to deliver person centred care. This means we need range of expertise, knowledge and experience in order to deliver the best possible service for an individual. From the outset we are able to use the information gathered from social worker assessment, hospital discharge letters care plans and risk assessment to produce a plan tailored for a specific person. For example we currently have client who requires support from a team of Care Support Assistants, District Nurse Teams and mental health community team. By working in partnership we are able to get up to date information and guidance on the person’s condition and how to manage it from a professional point of view. We work well with arranging our service delivery around the schedule for the District Nurse’s therefore we book out daily visits either...
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