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My Name Is Kadajah Lyons. I am an 8th grader At Magnolia Jr. High School. I joined the Emerging Young Leader Program to better myself as a young Lady. To Also Learn How a Young Woman supposed to Present Herself .Being a young lady in the most appropriate way is what I want to do. To Show That I am a young lady that’s going to make it. Since I Have Being in This program, I have mostly enjoyed The Etiquette Learning. I wasn’t aware that certain foods have their own utensil. I Have Been Using My knowledge Of Etiquette and Recycling At Home, School, And Sometimes the Store. Before I Throw Something Plastic Away at Home, I observe it To See if it has a recycling number, and at school I Eat and Sit at the Table Correctly. I want to see the EYL Program Grow with Young Women My Age and Lower So They will know that they are egilble of achieving. No Matter who they are or what they are they can do anything they put their minds to. Hopefully, that they will know what to do and what not to do as a lady. To be wise at everything they do. The EYL Program Has Great Impact on me and my mind. I know now that if I want something I have to earn it. It can’t just be given to me. Not Only the person that’s giving it to me is cheating me, but I am also cheating myself. I know hard work pays off. Let a young girl grow up to be a lady, and a lady Become a Woman. When I say this I’m saying a young girl who’s being mature and presentable is a young lady. Any Grown Female can be a lady but an upright and correct standard Lady is A Woman. I would like to thank all the Leaders of the EYL Program for Helping Me to show that I am a young lady growing to be a woman.
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