Work Experience

Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Edwilker Dombolo
Professor Cynthia Williams
English 1301/ Tuesday 08:00 a.m.
20 March 2012
First Work Experience
When I was a senior at high school we created the organization "Filhos de Angola." The meaning in English is Sons of Angola (Angola is my country) and we used to do a lot of social work like raise funds to help Elderly people, homeless , orphan kids, and ex-convicted. The purpose of this organization was only this and nothing else because sometimes it is really hard to see some humans living in terrible conditions and certain people just passing by them like everything was perfect in the world. I remember that our biggest idea was to create a musical festival with free food and drinks for everybody. All we wanted was to offer a different day for those people I mentioned earlier; offer a day they could forget a little bit about their past and enjoy the present. The idea was good but insufficient funds made us live between let’s do it and let’s just put in our minds that we are only dreamers and nothing else. And Although some of my friends lost hope for this project, deep inside I had a feeling that I should keep looking for other options and not just sit and wait for a miracle. No doubt it was a good effort because we found that it is true people find happiness in places we would never imagine.

First, what I did was look for all the easy options available and my parents came in my mind. I knew my parents could help us; they hold great job positions in our government, so I decided to speak to my parents and see if they could help. But, my dad told me that if we really wanted this idea to work we needed to fight for it. So, I crossed out that option.

Then, after a serious time reflecting about this, I had a simple idea. We all should look for part- time jobs; we had enough people in the organization, and our purpose was not a musical festival for today, tomorrow or even next week. We wanted something to happen in 4-5 months,...
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