Work Ethics of Today's Workers

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A New Work Ethic

In today’s generation Sheehy reports a typical attitude of what you would see in a work ethic of a younger worker. Today, because of technology young adults and teens don’t see the value of hard work, and would rather take the easy route out. Sheehy’s description of a new work ethic does tally with my own experiences. Although, I am 24 yrs old I believe in working hard for what you want an I have worked with some younger than me or my age who don’t feel the same. Again I think it goes back to how society has changed and technology has advanced causing the new work ethic workers depend on other sources to complete the work for them.

The implication for the future of American business of the work ethic Sheehy describes is that the new generation won’t have any work ethic or integrity. I think that some young workers view the fast food industry as a joke job and it’s just something until they make it to corporate America or something equivalent to that. But what they don’t realize is that what you do on any job will affect you in the next. If you never learned or attempted to learn how to show pride and integrity in a job like a fast food industry then why would you think it will come naturally at your dream job? I have worked in the fast food industry and retail industry. There is where I learned my work ethic. I learned patience, time management, and how to deal with all different types of people. Because I took those “so called” small jobs seriously it has helped me get so far in my career now.

I kind of agree that Sheehy only showed the immaturity of young employees. But I’m sure if he was to do the same study at a retail industry with the same age group you might experience the same thing. But I will not agree that all business and all young employees are categorized in his experience. I worked at Chick-fil-a and compared to another fast food business we were taught by our company what integrity meant. Chick-fil-a did treat their...

Cited: Shaw, W. H. (2010). Business Ethics 7th edition. Cenagage Learning.
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