Work: Ethics and Copy Machine Valerie

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December 12, 2011

How Personal Can Ethics Get?
Ethics are very personal; ones ethics govern how one treats others in both personal
dealings and in business dealings. Society plays its own role in ones ethics; however
each person has their own differences and preferences which can impact ones organizational ethics. F. Neil Brady writes, “good managers employ ethical
theoretic thinking almost routinely and . . . organizational policies and procedures are permeated by it" (Johnson, 1999-2011). Valerie has a plethora
of skills she offers her company, but not limited to, knowledge of organizational, financial and marketing capabilities. While at the copy machine Valerie noticed there was a paper jamm; when clearing the paper jam she recovered some invoices that had caused the jam. With further review she stumbles across information that her boss, Lionel Waters, was receiving what appears to be “kickbacks” through his private consulting company from the two fragrance houses that her company, Wisson was currently using. Valerie must determine the ethical way to handle the situation. Ones personal differences and preferences will have impacts on the organizational ethics.

The way in which people come to understand the cause of their own and others behavior will determine the organizational ethics, by the ability of each one of the employees to incorporate values and principles to distinguish right from wrong and transform in right attitudes (Hellriegel, 2011). With this one can understand how employee’s ethics and values are considered within a company. Deciding to do the right thing and damage a coworker’s career or ignoring the situation and go against ones personal ethics is not done with a hasty answer. Valerie’s preference is to distinguish between the right and wrong in order to argue her concerns convincingly and the impact it will have on her company. A person’s moral values and moral sensitivity...

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