Work Ethics

Topics: Office, The Point, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 2, 2013
“Alright, I’ve had enough!” is what I’d first shout to my coworkers in the cubicles around me. Then, I’d wipe all the papers that are on my desk away and kick the monitor off too. When my desk is cleared of everything, I’ll stand firm on top of it and give the following speech to my fellow co-workers:

“Men and women, lend me your ears for a second and you will find happiness for the rest of your life. Work is a curse which we have blindly turned into pleasure. Oh, how pathetic. Look at us, waking up in the morning and get dressed in the same old suits and dresses and come to work worrying we might get downsized at anytime. What is this? Why do we have to treat ourselves like slaves, animals? Through work, we have moved from subject to object. For those of you who find this too profoundly deep to understand, I’ll make it clearer for you: we have become deficient animals who have betrayed their origins. All this things we’re doing is meaningless, dull. We’re working for work’s sake and thinking that we can fulfill ourselves through this assiduous labor which is disgusting and incomprehensible!

I want you all to know that this, work, is a little demon to us and our personalities. Permanent and uninterrupted work depersonalizes and displaces our center of interest from the subjective to the objective realm of things. That is to say that we no longer take interest in our own destiny but focuses on these stupid facts and things for a few thousand dollars a month. What really is the point behind doing all this work for nothing? How is it nothing you may ask? Well, we work so hard in these lame cubicles all year long just to make enough money to secure three meals on the table for us to get through the day. So what’s the point? In a nutshell, we’re working just to live another day so that we can work another day which becomes a cycle. So you tell me, why are we spending our lives so meaninglessly in this office? And these chairs don’t even swivel! So I say we should...
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