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Swerdlow, Joel L. “changing America.” Ideas Across Time: Classic and Contemporary Reading for Composition. Ed. Igor Webb 8th ed. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008. 11-19. Print JEB High school named for a famous commander in America civil war and at that time, there are only American students. As day passing on, America is getting more and more immigration and JEB High school has half students not born in US. In JEB High school, the author asks students who can speak English very well a question about why so many people come to America and students have many different answers. Then, the author asks about the life of students who cannot speak English, students begin to lough. JEB has an ESL room to teach students whose first language is not English. Even though the room is full of teenagers it looks like the first or second grade classroom and the teacher DeJong says these students must learn how to speak and read English otherwise they cannot stay in school. If a student in JEB High school cannot read, they cannot use computer and teachers are their only hope. JEB High school helps students prepared for the 21th century because students want to have a professional job. JEB has an IB program which the work required is significant. In IB program, most students are nonimmigrant white people because these courses require fluency in English. The author speaks to a few students in the library and they say they don’t want to be concerned as white because white students act different. Yet, no matter these students want to be whites or not they are in a blender, and they forget or don’t know their family stories. Immigration student in JEB High school start to become American. During the lunch time, the author find out the students sit together whether they come from the same place or not. When the school day ends, students catch buses or get picked up by parent or friends, the author go to ice cream with some boys and find out they get along with each other even...
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