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Worksheet 1
Grammar in use; page 9 A. 1. 4. B. 1. C. 1. 4. can, cannot can, cannot A 2. a languages water, land 2. 5. 3. 2. 5. can, cannot 3. can, cannot can, cannot An 4. an 5. The, a river 3. chess miles

Words in action; page 11 A. 1. 4. B. 1. 2. loving 2. naughty famous 5. clever (a) an elephant (b) It is about to kick a ball. (a) a dog (b) It is barking. 3. angry

Writing practice; page 12 A. Ram and Sita spent fourteen years in the wilderness. For some time they lived in a hut in the forest. Animals came and played with them. They were fond of Ram and Sita. One day Sita was sitting in front of her hut. A squirrel climbed on her lap. Sita smiled and picked up the squirrel and stroked her back. Soon there were black stripes on her back. All squirrels have black stripes now. This reminds us of Sita’s love for them. B. Come to Juhu beach at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Come alone with ten thousand rupees. C.

D. One possibility 1. Did you go to the moon alone? 2. Did you take tools and motor-parts with you? 3. How long did it take you to assemble the can? 4. Was it difficult to drive on the moon? 5. Did you take any pictures? 0

Worksheet 2
Grammar in use; page 16 A. 1. 2. 3. B. 1. 4. C. 1. 4. I did not eat any fruits. I did not read any stories. I did not have noodles. bring 2. throw hide 5. drink swim 2. video camera bread 5. ambulance

3. go 6. eat 3. deer

Words in action; page 18 A. 1. on the flowers 2. from a branch 3. on the road 4. under the tree 5. in the sky B. 1. line 2. tree 3. branches 4. head C. Tail Head Bowl Writing practice A. It was morning. Mrs Lal went out to walk in the park. Her dog, softy, was with her. There was a crow sitting on the grass. Softy barked and ran towards him. The crow did not fly away. Instead it sat on his back. Softy was angry. He barked and jumped but the crow did not fly away. Then he rolled on the grass. The crow then cawed loudly and flew away.

Worksheet 3
Grammar in use; page 22 A. 1. B. 1.

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