Work Arrangements
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Work Arrangements
Definition - Work arrangement can be defined as how a company’s structure is organised. It refers to how a company arranges their employees’ duties and schedules. They are work arrangements wherein employees are given greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill the obligations of their positions. The various types of work arrangement are; job sharing, self-managed teams, work-schedules, off-site work, contract work. The aim of the various types of work arrangement is to rearrange the structure of the employees’ schedules to suit their needs.
Types of work arrangement
1.) Job sharing - A job share arrangement is a form of regular part-time work in which two people share the responsibilities of one regular, full-time position. These positions are regular part-time and as such must involve at least a 50% commitment. Both employees are accountable for the majority of its responsibilities, and must interact in order to accomplish them. The two employees must put in a substantial number of hours per week.

Advantages of job sharing

1.) Workload is reduced so there is less stress and burn-out. When employees feel less stressed, they would be able to devote more energy and focus to their job(s).

2.) Combination of skills and experiences. With job sharing, there will be two sets of skills and perspectives in one position. The two employees would bring a broader range of talents and experience to the position than either of them alone. This type of pairing generally results in a better work product they would also learn from each other’s strengths.

3.) Employees are able to balance their personal life with their working life. The employees would have more time for family and friends. This would keep employees happy and there would better cooperation among the two employees. This would also help to increase productivity. Also having a happy personal/family life would serve as motivation for the employees.

4.) Easy to substitute when one

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