Work And Play Analysis

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In Work and Play article by Michael Oakeshott, he talks about the human’s desire for satisfaction. He mentioned that “work” and “play” as two excellent and different experiences of the world. Oakeshott describes that to gain that real happiness we need to work for it, even if playing included in the process of accomplishing this happiness as well. He also described work as the energy to utilize and to take advantage of the sources that provided to human beings on Earth. But there is no end to the human satisfaction because our wants are unlimited in life. We tend always to work hard to gain more happiness because when one desire is satisfied, another one takes its place. So, the human mind made that he/she is never completely fulfilled because it continually craves for more and more services. According to the article, “human beings, then, are distinguished as creatures of wants.” But the importance of...

I do think that we must work hard to achieve the satisfaction within ourselves. However, Oakeshott gives excellent points in his article "Work and Play" about the ways to obtain happiness. According to Oakeshott, reaching the fulfillment of satisfaction is through either work or play. I agree with his opinion, but I do not indeed think that work and play are the ideas that lead to real happiness. If we have no purpose to reach, then we would do nothing but just to live a life with no meaning of it. So, once our need gets achieved, it will immediately create another desire to accomplish and so on. That is why the pursuit is something that creates the greatest happiness and pleasure. I read a great quote by Hemingway’s Stolen” It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." Furthermore, the achievement of our desires makes a small moment of satisfaction, whereas the experience and the work for it require satisfying those desires, provides extended enduring...
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