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True or False

1. The three primary goals of HRM is to attract an effective workforce, to maintain an effective workforce, and do develop an effective workforce.

2. Having proper personnel issues becomes irrelevant if you have a good idea or the right management trend, such as quality circles or TQM.

3. Personal capital refers to the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees.

4. Human resources information system is an integrated computer system designed to provide data and information used in HR planning and decision making.

5. Contingent workers are people who work for an organization, but not on a permanent or full-time basis.

6. Telecommuting means using computers and telephones at the office.

7. The first three steps involved in attracting an effective work force are HR planning, choosing recruiting sources, and selecting the candidate.

8. With the matching model, human resource specialists exploit the newly hired employees. 9. Job design is a systematic process of gathering and interpreting information about the essential duties.

10.Orientation is the process of determining the skills, abilities, and other attributes a person needs to perform a particular job.

11.One of the fastest-growing approaches to recruiting today is the use of the Internet.

12.Validity is the relationship between an applicant’s score on a selection device and his or her future job performance.


Select the best answer.

1. The strategic approach to human resource management includes three key elements:

i. All managers are human resource managers
ii. Employees are viewed as assets
iii. Managers are viewed as appraisers
iv. HRM is a matching process between the organization’s strategy and the correct approach to managing its human resources

a. i, ii, iii
b. ii, iii, iv
c. i, ii, iv
d. i, ii, iii, iv

2. Which of these describe forms of temporary appointments:

i. Contracted professionals
ii. Leased employees
iii. Part-time workers
iv. Contingent worker

a. i, ii, iii
b. i, iii, iv
c. ii, iii, iv
d. i, ii, iii, iv

3. This is a method there the organization and individual attempt to match the needs, interests, and values that they offer each other.

a. Job fit
b. Matching model
c. Employee attraction
d. Individual attraction

4. Which of these is NOT a source for external recruiting?

a. College/university
b. Job fairs
c. Production department
d. Employee referrals

For questions 5 to 8, use the list provided to fill in the blanks. Options may be used one, more than once, or none at all.

a. Job analysis
b. Job specifications
c. Job descriptions
d. Realistic job preview

5. A concise summary of the specific tasks and responsibilities of a particular job.________

6. This is a systematic process where managers or specialists ask about work activities and workflow, the degree of supervision given and received in the job, knowledge and skills needed, etc. ___________________

7. This is a recruiting approach that gives applicants all pertinent and realistic information about the job and the organization. __________________

8. This outlines the knowledge, skills, education, physical abilities and other characteristics needed to adequately perform the job. __________

9. Which of these best describe affirmative action ?

a. Promoting from within
b. Providing incentives and rewards to employees whose performance exceed targets c. The use of goals, timetables or other methods in recruiting to promote the HR activities as they relate to protected groups d. The recognition of employees at special functions or events

10. The selection process is best described as:

a. A process of assessing applicants’ characteristics in order to determine the fit between the job and applicant. b. The process of...
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