Topics: Difference, The Mighty, Similarity Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: February 27, 2014
 Angelo Larmour Freak the Mighty 11/12/13 Movie vs. Book There are a lot of things that are similar and different about Freak the Mighty the movie and Freak the Mighty the book. These are just some of things that are similar and different about the book. If you have seen the movie but haven’t read the book or vice versa there are a lot of things that are different or the same between the two. First there are a lot of similarities between freak the mighty the movie and freak the mighty the book here are a couple examples. First something that was the same is Freak dying at the end, but it wasn’t exactly the same because Freak dies at home in the movie and in the book he dies in a hospital. Another similarity would be the down under because in the book it was always dark and quiet and in the movie they kept it the same. Also something the two things kept the same was how Max and Freak met by getting the mechanical bird out of the tree. Second there are a lot of differences also about Freak the Mighty the movie and Freak the Mighty the book. Here is a couple of examples of differences are. One of the examples would be that when Loretta came to save Max, in the book when Loretta tried to get Max away from Killer Kane she did while Iggy went with Killer Kane to get a gun and a vehicle, while in the movie Loretta tried to get him out while she brought them pizza for Christmas and while she was going to but the pizza on the table she handed max a pair of clippers to break himself free. Another thing that was different between the two was that in the movie they were in a store and a guy was trying to take this woman’s purse and Freak The Mighty came over and stopped him. One more thing that was different was that when Freak went to save Max, in the book Freak told the police that Killer Kane was probably hiding max at Iggy’s house since Iggy was a friend of...
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