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Early Maps
Cartography was used as far back as the time of the Greeks but the first sign of even a single drawing was in the time period of the Cave Men and with that it has developed over the years up until today where Cartography is called Maps which are used of the people of the twenty first (21st) century and maps are essential tools to help define, explain and navigate their way around the earth. Maps began as two-dimensional drawings but can also adopt three-dimensional shapes (globes, models) and be stored in purely numerical forms.

Cartography is a skill that requires several disciplines to achieve accuracy. Skills such as mathematics, geometry, navigation and organisation, are minimum requirements for the cartographic enterprises that appear to have been executed in the past. The unofficial oldest map in the world was discovered in Ukraine in 1966, dating from about 11 - 12,000 B.C. Inscribed on a mammoth tusk it was found in Mezhirich, Ukraine. It has been interpreted to show a river with dwellings along a river. However, the best claim to the title of "the earliest map in the world" appears on a beautifully engraved silver vase from Maikop in Ukraine, according to James and Thorpe. It was found in a Ukrainian tomb dated at 5,000 years old. It shows two rivers, a mountain range, a lake or sea and wild animals

The oldest map in the world. Inscribed on mammoth tusk, Ukraine What may be one of the oldest authenticated maps in the world, is dated to approximately 6000 BC, and was unearthed in an archaeological excavation at Catal Huyuk in west-central Turkey in 1963. Its subject matter was the Neolithic town it was found in.

Painted on a wall, it showed the streets and houses in plan form, lying beneath the profile of the mountain of Hazan Dag with its volcano erupting. Medieval Maps:

During the Medieval...
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