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Middle Ages

What kinds of gardens existed in the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance? 1. During the Middle Ages and early Renaissance gardens were built in order to benefit people for numerous reasons such as, medicinal, for decoration, or for cooking. A garden during those times was very valuable and would define the esteem of its possessor. Mostly gardens existed in castles, manor, monastery, guildhall, and in small houses. There were various types of gardens filled with different things for instance, remedial flowers, vegetables, and various colors of flowers. There were certain types of flowers that were popular, for example the violet. 2. In Christianity gardens were considered as sacred places. The reason for this is because it mentioned a type of garden in the Bible that was called a closed garden. This garden was connected with g-d. 3. Gardens were maintained constantly because of how valuable they were. The basic herbs and vegetables were grown by the small householders and cottage holders. They would weed the gardens they had behind their houses. People who had elaborate gardens would grow vineyards with fruit, which were made creating for sweet drinks and wine. Vegetables were used more often. Cabbage, lentils, peas, beans, onion, and exc. were served often and used for spices.

Christine de Pisan was a high-class woman who believed in women having an important role in the relationship between husband and wife. Compared to what others view on the role of wives she believes that all women affect everything that their husbands do and should be involved in their husband’s daily activities. Women should know all the information on her husband’s wok and make sure he succeeds in what he is doing. Other perspectives about the role of women in the middle ages were very different compared to what Christine de Pisan said. In other households the men would go to work and the women would do chores. The women would never get involved in the men’s...
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