Topics: The Opportunity, Team Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 23, 2013
To: Mr. Ismail
From: Herschel Soumahoro
Date: March 12, 2012
Subject: Raise Request
I appreciate the opportunity I have had during the last three years of serving as a vital member of the computer science and information team. I have always labelled myself as a professional and I am always keen to stay on top of my tasks. I am perfectly comfortable facing new challenges and ready to step in to handle new duties at any moment. This past year has been an especially challenging business environment, but my accomplishments have continued to build on my earlier achievements, and I have high expectations for this success to continue for the foreseeable future.  

Here are some highlights of how I have helped the department and the company in the past year: * Developed a proposal that brought a client from the brink of dismissing our services to renewing at a higher level than ever before, adding a net gain of $500,000. * United with several sales team members to attract new business opportunities totaling $1.2 million. * Conceptualized, proposed, and produced a programming research study that serves as a valuable tool for our industry, increasing our visibility, and making it easier for our sales team to call on prospective clients. * Served on the team of two company-wide task forces that identified redundancies, cut costs, and save the company several million dollars. * Participated in and attended four professional meetings, increasing the visibility of the company within the industry. * Mentored and trained three interns who handled many routine functions within the department, freeing up team members to focus on new client development and current client retention. * Proposed new projects, and completed all new tasks and assignments when requested to do so. * Programmed databases for the whole company to use world...
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