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"words and hearts should be handled with care for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest to repair".Words are powerful but I don't believe its the words so much as the person saying them that holds the power to tear you apart.
"you're useless'',you're so shrewd",she doesnt appreciate anything we do for her,"she was neglected as a baby"'"your parent wanted a boy in your place", you're lazy"'"your parents dont love you as much as they do your parents".THESE are the words I live with everyday.The taunts, the mean words sometimes push me to wanting death if only to get a reprieve from the ugly words thrown my way.This coming from people who are family by blood...JUST MY LUCK. it hurts like hell but its nothing compared to my friends who I consider extended family.My family is direct but my friends???they LIE, decieve me with sweet words to my face,WORDS that are merely disguises for their true feelings about me,WORDS I can see written all over their pretty faces and I can read between the lines and how they treat me often times.

I've got some compliments in my life by family and friends that they do mean,they're not all bad and the loving words of my parents meant only for me assist me in getting through the vile words of others but sometimes even that is not enough.The mean words are what holds me captive all the time but I guess its a part of life and I have to accept it.

Words!words!words! they really can make you or break you.I recently learnt that words are just words until you give them the power to affect you and taking that in stride I say to those who crush me with their vile words that behind those cruel words is only your curiosity of a happy girl and where I will find the key to happiness and to all those who are always blessing me with good words and never kicking me down even when I deserve to be kicked, thank you for makig me a better person with your kindness.

The end

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