Word Processing

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Word Processing Definitions

1. Word Processing--a computerized method of writing, editing, saving, and printing text 2. Text--another name for alphabetical data that was entered 3. Character--any letter, number, or symbol typed on the keyboard 4. Data--information entered into the computer

5. Word Wrap--letting the computer decide where to end each line (typing text without pushing return at the end of each line)
6. Document--anything produced on a word processing program 7. Cursor--a highlighted mark (sometimes blinking) on the screen that indicates the user's location
8. Arrow Keys--keys used in place of the mouse to move the cursor to a new location 9. Special Function Keys--keys that carry out specific things (Ex: Shift keys, Return keys, Caps Lock key)
10. Command Keys--Used in conjunction with another key to carry out an operation 11. Menu Bar--The line at the top of the screen that gives you your different choices 12. Title Bar--The line near the top of the screen that gives the name of your file 13. Font--style of writing

14. Scroll--to move text up and down and left and right on the screen 15. Edit--to make changes to a document
16. Insert--to add new text into already existing text
17. Delete--to remove or erase
18. Icons--pictures or symbols that represent work (files or programs) behind them 19. Printout--output from a printer
20. Cut and Paste--to highlight text and move it to another location 21. Copy and Paste--to highlight text, leave it where it is, and also put a copy of it in another location
22. Justification--to align text either to the left/right or both margins 23. Tab--used to indent text in a line; can also be used to set-up columns in a document 24. Hardcopy--output from a computer that you can touch--(Ex: output from a printer or plotter)

25. Softcopy--output from a computer that you can see or hear, but can not touch-- (Ex: output from a monitor or speaker)
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