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2.09 Word of the Day
1.Omnipotent- unlimited authority or influence
a.The king was an omnipotent force in the kingdom.
2.Asunder- into parts, torn apart
a.Cats asunder mice for dinner.
3.Usurpation- to seize, take hold of through force, without rights, infringement a.The usurpation of Poland by Germany was unexpected.
4.Evinces- to clearly display, show evidence
a.Clearly, the note evinces that you are guilty.
5.Abdicated- to cast off, to formally relinquish
a.The queen abdicated her power due to her old age.
6.Perfidy- being faithless or disloyal, treachery
a.The perfidious servant became a double agent for the enemy. 7.Magnanimity- lofty spirit, bear trouble calmly, display noble generosity a.The dog displayed much magnanimity in rescuing the young drowning boy. 8.Acquiesce- to accept, comply, submit

a.The submissive girl always acquiesced to her overbearing mother. 9.Countenance- mental composure, facial expression
a.In despite of his pain, the man maintained his countenance. 10.Accosting- to approach and speak to in a challenging or aggressive way a.Marry, in an accosting way, approached Jessica to start a fight. 11.Supinely- with the face upward, an indifferent manner

a.Supinely, the king ignored the requests of the farmers.

Part A:
Dear Corporate America,
You are making us fat. You are making us fat through your trans-fat-rich foods complete if, and only if, they contain enough saturated fat to clog our arteries and heart. It is the foods that you are creating that are resulting in the downfall of American health. Daily, processed foods asunder any nutritional integrity that we possess. In a way, such corporations, producing unhealthy foods, are an omnipotent force that usurper our everyday lives in an effort to produce revenue. We acquiesce to societal norms by ingesting the slop that corporations like you produce; yet, we are the ones making the decision to put poison into our bodies. You do not accost us and...
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