Word Essay

Topics: 2006 singles, Word, Language / Pages: 3 (557 words) / Published: Jan 21st, 2014
Luis Hernandez
English 3A
Period 5

When someone describes their selves they usually say a ton of words that best fit them. Although many words help describe a person sometimes just one word is enough. The word that would best describe me I think would be pursuer. One thing that makes me a pursuer is my family, they raised me to never give up on my dreams and I want to do achieve my goals to give back to them. Along with that another reason is I am a pursuer because I try hard for my own benefit. In addition a third reason is I want to be a quintessential role model to others in similar struggles as mine. As said before my first reason choosing this word is because of my dedication to give back to my family and those who were there for me. My family has sacrificed many things to give me an easier life than they had. I feel like they should get something in return for planting hard work and dedication in me. I try to save money so when Christmas comes along I get them gifts they can enjoy. I always give money to family members that need it, I don’t ask them to return it. I try my best at achieving my goals to make my family proud and to one day give back to them and those who were there for me. Along with that my second reason is simply my hard work for my own benefit. I always have big dreams and high expectations set for myself. The only way I’ll achieve those dreams and high expectations is by pursuing my dreams with hard work and dedication. I almost always try my best at anything I do for my own good. No one in this world will ever just give me success. If I don’t succeed then I simply try and try again no matter how hard or long it takes. I also plan a lot because I believe that those who plant hard work harvest success. In addition the third reason as said before is I want to be a quintessential role model to others in similar struggles as mine. I am an immigrant and like many other teen immigrants I came at as a child raised in the

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