Woolworths Media Plan

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Part A:
1. Analyse the media plan and determine factors affecting implementation of the campaign.

1.1 The goal or objective:
- To increase customer value through having an outlet for grievances and new idea. This objective is successful by the number of responses direct mail.
- To increase awareness of the brand. This objective is also successful by TV ads, Newspaper ads surveys and magazine by the number of the responses coupon.
- To acquire feedback from customer. This objective is successful by the number of reply direct mail. The company had the useful feedback and complain.

1.2 Target market for advertising campaign:
The target audience is 35-55 years and 55-70 years covered the main group target customer. But for better result of feedback. This should covered the teenage from 18-25 years and the young worker ages from 25-35 years as well. Because they are the new bright idea.

1.3 Budget Constraints:
For $500,000 of actual cost is very high. To achieve this objective should use less budget.

2. Ensure the strategy outlines implementation tasks and timeliness and includes a contingency plan for dealing with omissions and errors.
This strategy outlines tasks and timeliness well manage because the dead line is by December 2012 is the perfect timing for the year end. And when we received the feedback. We could response by create activities or promotion according to the feedback. The contingency plan would be the low number of the reply direct mail feedback. If by the middle of October still unsatisfied for the feedback. We should lunch another substitute media plan.
3. Confirm the media plan and budget for implementation with client. Draft a contract. Ensure this meets with legal and ethical requirements and the requirements of the brief.

Woolworths Head Quarter

Confirmation of Advertising Fees

Dear Director of MX Newspaper,

This is the confirmation letter of your advertising

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